Thoughts on the 2016 Squirrel Shoot Result
                                                                                 Captain Dave Hoffman "Deacon"
! Any day you get to shoot a flintlock is a good day. You percussion shooters had some fun too. We had two very good days for shooting. ! Saturday was warm but not hot with a very light breeze, enough to blow the smoke away from your barrel so you could still see your sights and the target so that the follow through that those Championship winning flintlock shooters always use was seen.
! There was so much shooting on Saturday that it kept the scoring people and range officers very, very busy and worn out by the end of the day.
! Now down at the bottom of the hill we had something almost as fine as shooting flintlocks.......Yummmmee Hot Dogs!!! Thanks go to Pete "Smokin Toes" Bruning who kept cooking and passing them out. If you missed out on the hot dogs you missed out on something fine. ! Hiking North just far enough outside of camp to be safe there was another way to have some fun....The Tomahawk Run! One shot with a rifle, five throws with a spear, five throws with a tomahawk and five throws with a knife. Then you really had to run for your life. With a beaver trap in hand you had to run fifty yards down hill to the wood pile, trap a stuffed toy skunk and bring it all back up the hill as fast as you can while the Blackfeet and Crow are whistling bullets and arrows past your ears. Well, not really, but you did have to run back as fast as possible because you were being timed on the clock.
! A very fast running mountain man named "Cumberland Jim", Jim
Fahling had 13 points and ran it in 32 seconds. This was good for First Place and winning a fine brass tomahawk. Ted Beaupre came in second with 12 points. He actually ran faster (25 seconds) than Jim but with one less knife stick, it was no cigar or no tomahawk in this case for Ted.
! Sunday was not quite the same as Saturday. The wind kicked up a little but the skilled shooters were able to negotiate these breezes with their usual dexterity and managed to come down the hill with some pretty good scores.
! Speaking of scores, Ron "Bloody Muzzle" Ring will be telling you about the scores and prizes and who won them. When it comes to scores we have to mention my particular friend Bill Phillips. Bill has won the Grand Aggregate (Flintlock/Percussion) for the second year in a row.....Great Shooting Bill!!
! Now it is time to say thank you to all the men of the Buckhorn Skinners who worked so very hard to put on these doin's. They provided a chance for everyone to have some fun and did what was needed to keep everyone safe. Thank you all again gentlemen. Thank you also to Pat Connor for letting us use her land. Keep your powder dry and your flint sharp.
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