Greetings fellow CSMLA members,
I hope that you had a chance to come to the annual trade show and business meeting at the Elks Lodge in Fort Collins. We had a great opportunity to meet up and enjoy fellowship, good conversation and food, sell, swap, and buy precious items. A high point of the day was the recognition and celebration of two of our honored members. Congratulations to Ron Deurmyer who was awarded the ‘Muzzleloader of the Year’ and to Rich Stites who was recognized with the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ for his contributions to the muzzle loading community. Congratulations the both of you, I am proud and humbled to me in your presence. We all appreciate the untiring effort that you both have demonstrated to support and remain involved in the Colorado and national community. Best wishes for another great year!
Many thanks to Joy Hicks, Ron Ring and Gwen Blanchard for organizing the event. We could not do it without these folks and more. We have a new website:, designed by Tim Blanchard, Social Media Director and new Webmaster. Tim thanks for your creative work!
Many thanks to Doug Davis for his many years of service as the CSMLA webmaster and communications guru. Doug, you are prickly pear and we love you, thanks for all of your time, effort, skills and excellent work. We hope to see you around and shooting like a snipper.
Please visit the new website and send links, stories, facts, information, questions, items to swap or sell, Tim is ready to receive items to post from the membership. We hope to use social media to build our membership, please visit our Facebook page and set up a twitter account. We want to hear from you.
I’ve been in Puerto Rico for the last 10 days and will visit the Old San Juan Fort in the morning:
I am excited to learn more of the Fort’s history and see a few of the old muzzle loaders that may be around. I return to Colorado tomorrow and look forward to seeing my family and friends again. Best wishes to all and hope to see you at the Buckhorn Skinners Squirrel Shoot next month!
Respectfully submitted,
Dave Gilkey, President CSMLA
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