Presidents corner

Dear CSMLA members and friends,

I have had the honor of serving as your President over the past two plus years. I have accepted a position at MT Technological University in Butte, MT and plan to relocate this summer. My wife and I are excited about the new adventure. I wish all of you the very best and have great faith in our Vice President, Stewart Leach. Stewart will take the reins as I depart the first of August.

We remain in need of an Education Director. We all play a part in educating the public about the muzzle loading community and gun safety. Never have there been more pressing times when your participation is needed. The CSMLA has been a champion of gun safety led by our Chief Range Safety Officer, Doug Davis. Doug and Tom Gabor have provided training and certification for a great number of CSMLA members who serve their clubs as RSOs. Many thanks to Doug and Tom.

We recently held the summer board meeting at the Colorado Territorials match in Ft. Lupton. The meeting was well attended by board members and only a few general members. We encourage all members interested in CSMLA business to attend and participate. We appreciate and respect member’s opinions.

I am please to report that membership has increased for the first time in recent years. Joy Hicks, Membership Director, reported the new numbers and we are on the road to growth. This is due in part to members like Louie Silva, Captain of the Buckhorn Skinners, who aggressively seeks members. Many thanks to Louie. Please reach out to folks and share your passion for the sport.

I am very pleased to report that our web presence and social media are working. We owe much thanks to members like Scott Drake and Estil Ator and the Webmaster and Social Media Director Tim Blanchard. Scott and Estil are among the many who keep the Facebook presence current and fired up. Please chime in and share. Tell folks about what you are doing in the muzzle loading community and comment when others post. The power in social media is in sharing so, please share CSMLS postings with your friends on Facebook and on other platforms.

There is much to do and your help is needed. Engage others and share the message that we are the organization for Colorado muzzle loaders. It takes many hands to achieve CSMLA success, thank you all!

We will be circulating a survey on muzzle loader use, please complete the survey to help us collect accurate data on preferred calibers, loads, distances, hunting activities and shooting sports.

In closing, I wish everyone a wonderful summer and fall. Holly and I are moving to Butte by August 1st and hope to return for CSMLA events.


David Gilkey, President