Dedicated To The Preservation Of All Aspects Of Traditional Muzzleloading Sports.
"What is a muzzleloader?" you might ask….

            Well that is a complicated question. Are you meaning the old muzzeloading style rifle? That's fairly easy to explain. However, a "Muzzleloader" may refer to a person as well. In short we "muzzleloaders" are a group of people who shoot muzzeloadin rifles shotguns, and pistols as well as the occasional canon. We also participate in evens called "rendezvous", shooting competitions and campouts, as well as just fun shoots, some of us even take part in historical reenactments. Each of us has our own favorite part, but we all like teaching, and learning more about the sports that we take part in. each event that we attend is a learning experience for all, whether we know it at the time or not. We can learn more about how our gun prefers no wind, or wind.. or a different way that someone holds their powder horn while measuring their powder for a shot…. As a new muzzleloader you don't have to be nervous or afraid to try the sport. We all have been at the start one time or another. So please pick an event and come out and visit.. We would all enjoy showing you in person WHO a "muzzleloader" is. It could be you
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