Greetings CSMLA members,
The year is off to a great start. A few of us went to the Wyoming State Muzzle Loaders Association Annual Conference and had a great time: I attended their business meeting to hear about what strategies they are using to increase membership. Their state numbers are about the same as the CSMLA. Both organizations have fallen in membership over the past decade. Both organization have webpages and reach out to send out messages to folks across the state and around the world. We have taken the extra step in developing our social media out reach thanks to Tim Blanchard, Webmaster and Communications Director. Please visit our webpage: Tim has updated the webpage and has a menu of 11 icons for different information. Please send him information about muzzle loading, pictures of events and activities, stories about your adventures or other interesting news.
We need to build the membership and need folks to reach out and invite men, women and youth to events and enjoy the excitement of muzzle loading. It was a short drive to Casper to meet the state membership to the north. They hold monthly shoots and activities throughout the year and you are all welcome!
The Winter Convention and Annual Trade Show is planned for March 3, 2018, mark your calendars and plan to attend. The event will be at the Elks Lodge in Fort Collins, CO. Bring your good to sell or trade and a few extra bucks to buy new items. The Elks Lodge will have food and drink available all day as needed. We are planning a nice dinner and awards ceremony, come celebrate the achievements and contributions of our members.
The business meeting will be at 4:00 pm and new officers will be elected. If you would like to fill a position, please come and announce your interest to the group. Stuart Leech will be running the meeting, Iíll be in Singapore. I retired from CSU at the end of December and Holly wants to travel the world. We are leaving Feb 8th and returning March 22nd. We will be visiting several countries and look forward to the adventure.
If you have any items that need to be added to the agenda, please send a note to Karen Miller, Secretary and she will update the agenda:
Well, best wishes to everyone in 2018. Keep promoting CSMLA and muzzle loading, lets get a whole lot more folks involved.
Dave Gilkey, President

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